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One holistic solution for all your health needs.


Restoring lives with Biological Medicine.™

We see two big problems in health today

1. Chronic diseases are increasing despite advances in healthcare.


2. We are suffering from information overload.

More people than ever are actively seeking ways to improve their health and well-being.¹ However, although we may be living longer, we aren’t necessarily living any better.


 1 in 3 adults under 65 years have two or more chronic conditions such as heart disease, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes and mental health issues.²

1 in 3 adults under 65 years are suffering from two or more chronic conditions
71% of deaths worldwide are due to chronic diseases.

71% of deaths worldwide are due to chronic diseases.³

This problem is expected to get worse, as a rapidly ageing global population coupled with the rise of chronic conditions at a younger age, puts added pressure on an already overstretched health system.

This means higher costs health costs, reduced access to services and a greater strain on our mental, physical and social well-being.


People are struggling to get the answers they need to heal.

5% of all Google searches are now health-related⁴ but the constant stream of information available to us is a real problem that everyone can identify with.

It prevents us from making decisions or taking certain actions.



Finding the right solutions to a problem requires us to be flexible in our approach.


Current medical practice sticks to the belief that problems can always be solved through more technology, specialisation and sub-specialisation.  This path however, has led orthodox medicine into a dead end.

Biological Medicine looks for, identifies and addresses the underlying causes in order to build up health.

It is the holistic approach and the identification of the underlying causes, which leads to satisfactory, sustainable and long-term solutions for our health that will get meaningful results.  Only by thinking and acting in a cause-orientated way rather than a problem-orientated or symptom-based way, can we effectively tackle the healthcare needs of the twenty-first century.

That’s why we created Vogiatzis BioLogic.


An online platform dedicated to connecting people through Biological Medicine, enabling them to take control of their health so they can live long, independent and fulfilled lives.


Simplify your life

Simplify your life

One central hub that provides all the information you need to take control of your health, means less hassle for you and more time for the people and things that matter to you.

Creating clarity

Creating Clarity

Our plain-talking, action-based approach increases understanding, so it’s easier for you to make progress and get results.

Information you can trust

Information you can trust

Vetted and reviewed by medical doctors, with research sources clearly stated, you can feel secure as you make more informed health decisions that are right for you and your family.


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