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Our Story

Who is Dr.V?


Hi, we’re Ioannis and Joanne Vogiatzis and we help people take control of their health with Biological Medicine, so they can live long, independent and fulfilled lives.


Both classically trained medical doctors, we have a wide range of expertise after spending nearly 20 years in the U.K. National Health Service, and a further 10 years at two world-renowned clinics of Biological Medicine in Switzerland.

We are a husband and wife team, with three amazing boys.  Click below to learn more about us.



Learn more about Dr. V
Dr. Joanne Vogiatzis & Dr. Ioannis Vogiatzis, Founders of Vogiatzis BioLogic

Founding Story


After working within the rigid confines of the modern healthcare system for many years, the struggle to meet the basic needs of our patients was becoming glaringly obvious.  Operating within a "sick-care system" rather than one focused on raising the health prospects of every single patient was demoralising, and so we decided expand our horizons in the search for a better type of medicine.

Biological Medicine showed us a new approach for viewing health as a whole, and introduced us to a new world of treatments, remedies and therapies. By focusing on treating the root causes of disease within a person and strengthening their inner milieu (environment), Biological Medicine can keep on treating when orthodox medicine runs out of options.  A truly holistic approach - the physical, mental, spiritual, and environmental aspects are always considered together. 

Vogiatzis BioLogic was designed to introduce the world to the healing power of Biological Medicine and to stop people feeling overwhelmed by health.  Biological Medicine simplifies everything, as it provides one holistic solution to meet the multiple healthcare needs of all of us.  That means making the right health choices for ourselves, our children, our loved ones and even our communities becomes easier. 


Our Purpose

''To build meaningful, enduring connections and create opportunities for positive and healthy changes in the world.''

Our purpose is the reason we exist. It drives everything we do.


The health of both people and our planet has been pushed to its limits. Nature sustains us and is the common thread that binds us all, yet we live in a world which is becoming more and more disconnected from what is vital to life and our very existence.

We believe in the power of connections as it brings us closer together, as individuals, communities, as a society and as fellow inhabitants of this place we all call home. Connections help define our sense of belonging, they bring purpose to our lives, they make us take ownership and care more, and they inspire us to stand up for what is right and just.

Healthy people need a healthy planet, and together we can do more.


What We Do


To elevate the health of people and the planet, by making Biological Medicine accessible to everyone.



Our Values

Who We Are


We believe that what we do every day matters.

Our values express what is important to us and they guide us in all we do.

We are authentic

We Are Authentic

Being open, honest and respectful of one another builds trust and forms the basis of strong relationships. That's why we stand up for what we believe in and don't shy away from the real issues.

We engage with empathy

We Engage with Empathy

Empathy establishes social connections and encourages collaboration.  We make the effort to understand what others are going through - their needs, their feelings and what they value, so we can serve them better.

We show compassion

We Show Compassion

Compassion means caring for ourselves and others without judgement.  The more compassionate we think, feel and act, the better we become in helping and serving others, so everyone benefits.

We are responsible

We Are Responsible

We believe that our choices and actions will have an impact, and we take responsibility to inspire and motivate others to join us in making positive and healthy changes.

Our Vision

Where we are going.


A world where holistic and sustainable health care is a right and not a privilege.

Giving Back

Making an impact 


We believe that our choices matter and if we all stand together we can create a ripple effect to do good in the world.  That's why we've committed to give 10% of our profits, our time and our resources to support causes which align with our values and our purpose.